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Relax + Release Ritual

Relax into the present, release the past & reclaim your inner power

The Experience 

The Relax + Release Ritual is my exclusive signature treatment created to combine the powers of multiple holistic practices to nurture your mind, body & soul. It is a truly transcendent experience that empowers you to bring your brightest, most radiant self into the present moment leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, inspired, & ready to quantum leap into the future you've always envisioned.

Through transformational timeline exploration techniques, I'll guide you to experience moments of pure potential & self-fulfillment through multiple timelines. With Reiki Healing, we'll align you with the empowering energy of these moments, while Theta Healing dissolves any limiting beliefs that hinder your souls' power & breathwork allows you to fully embody this energy returning to the present moment, leaving you with the confidence, self-trust & energetic alignment to reclaim control over your past, present & future.


What are the benefits?

Timeless Empowerment:
By connecting with your most fulfilled, happy, & confident self from various timelines, you'll bring these energies to your current reality, creating a profound shift in your present life, allowing you the opportunity to quantum leap to your most desired timeline.

Unshakable Confidence:
Embrace a newfound sense of self-assuredness, self-trust & self-belief, allowing you to pursue your dreams, goals & manifest your desires with unwavering confidence.


By releasing blockages, restrictions & limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind you'll now experience a new sense of freedom, empowerment, clarity & joy.

With your energy chakras aligned with your most vibrant self, energy will flow through you with ease, allowing you to be better equipped to manifest the life you've always desired.

This soul-nourishing ritual is not only a treat for the soul but also a powerful step towards a more vibrant & fulfilling life.

Book your session today to relax, realign & reclaim your power.



VIP Price - $230 AUD


Via Zoom - $311 AUD


What Clients Are Saying -

Camille - United States

"If you want to uplevel yourself or your business, book this treatment! Elle helped me relax on such a level that I was able to release things that were holding me back in my business that I wasn't even aware of and now I've stepped into my true power and source of abundance. I honestly couldn't have made it to this point in my business without her."

Want to experience long-term transformations?


Book your Soul Sync Integration Session


Soul Sync


The Soul Sync is a powerful 60min integration session designed to solidify the transformative changes initiated by the Relax + Release Ritual. Soul Sync provides ongoing support to maintain your newly programmed belief systems & helps anchor the changes on a deeper level, reinforcing the neural pathways associated with your new positive mindset.

Regular Soul Sync sessions act as a dynamic support system, continuing to address any new challenges & prevent the re-emergence of old belief patterns. Soul Sync sessions are essential for those seeking long term transformation, ensuring a consistent & harmonious flow of energy to sustain the positive shifts in mindset achieved through Theta Healing & Reiki. 

[PLEASE NOTE: Clients must have received a Relax + Release Ritual Prior to booking this session]


VIP Price - $179 AUD


Via Zoom - $222 AUD

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