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Relax + Release Ritual

Relax into the present, release the past & reclaim your inner power

The Experience 

The Relax + Release Ritual is a unique & rejuvenating experience that combines the powers of multiple holistic practices to nurture your mind, body & soul. 
Through the combination of energetic alignments with Reiki, Theta Healing & the e
xploration of timelines through gentle past life regression techniques, it is a truly transcendent experience that empowers you to bring your brightest, most radiant self into the present moment leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, inspired, & ready to create the future you've always envisioned.

During this beautiful ritual you can expect...

Guided Meditations
Guided meditations that facilitate deep relaxation & self-empowerment, visualization techniques & intention setting to assist you in embodying the energy you've collected throughout your ritual.
You'll return embodying the positivity, confidence, & happiness of your ideal self.

Theta Healing 

Theta Healing is a practice that allows you to access the subconscious mind, identifying & releasing blockages, to enable a brighter & happier future.

Timeline Travel 
Through gentle regression techniques, you will have the opportunity to explore your past lives to gain insight & allow you to release limiting beliefs & move forward with greater confidence & clarity.

You will then venture to moments throughout time where you have embodied your truest potential, to connect with your most vibrant, confident, & fulfilled self & absorb the energy of these empowering moments in the past, present & future.

Energetic Alignments
While exploring these timelines, you will experience your chakras & energy centres being
cleared & aligned through multiple timelines with Reiki, a gentle & powerful energy healing technique that promotes balance & harmony within your energetic being. This process helps you let go of stagnant energy & stress, paving the way for a deep sense of relaxation & rejuvenation.

The Results

Clients who undergo the Relax + Release Ritual often experience remarkable transformations including...

Timeless Empowerment:
connecting with your most fulfilled, happy, & confident self from various timelines, you'll bring back these energies to your current reality, creating a profound shift in your present life.


Unshakable Confidence:
Embrace a newfound sense of self-assuredness, self-trust & self-belief, allowing you to pursue your dreams & goals with unwavering confidence.


By releasing blockages, restrictions & limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind you'll now experience a new sense of freedom, empowerment, clarity & joy.


Radiant Fulfillment:
Experience a sense of fulfillment that transcends time & space, as you embody the happiness & vibrancy of your ideal self.

With your energy centres/chakras aligned with your most vibrant self, energy will flow through you with ease, allowing you to be better equipped to manifest the life you've always desired.

This soul-nourishing ritual is not only a treat for the soul but also a powerful step towards a more vibrant & fulfilling life.

Book your session today to relax, realign & reclaim your power.


Brisbane, QLD | $230 AUD

 Worldwide via Zoom | $230 AUD



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