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Cosmic Channeling

Illuminate, heal & elevate your soul.

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What Is Cosmic Channeling?

Cosmic Channeling is a communication process that I use to enter an altered state of consciousness (also known as 'trance state') to communicate with higher-dimensional beings, energies, or sources of wisdom.
These energies can include Spirit Guides, Celestial Beings & Ancestors.


In these sessions, I channel my primary spirit guide, Sarié, to assist you in gaining insight on your current life path, by connecting you with your own spirit guide team, to receive guidance, communicate with passed loved ones & unlock access to DNA reprogramming & energetic healings,

that are created & intended for your unique Soul!

What are the benefits?

Peace & Relaxation:

Cosmic Channeling sessions can help you release inner turmoil, soothing the chatter of your mind, allowing you to relax & connect back into your heart, leading to a profound sense of peace & tranquility.

Mental, Emotional, Physical & Energetic Healing:

Cosmic Channeling can offer guidance & energy to heal emotional wounds & past trauma.

It has now been scientifically proven that traumatic events can physically

change the structure of your DNA. 

Sarié & I are best known for our assistance in helping you process & heal this trauma on a mental, emotional & energetic level, so that your body can physically heal, while being held in a loving & supportive environment & experiencing a more holistic boost in well-being.

Anxiety & Stress Relief:

Cosmic Channeling can help alleviate anxiety & stress, restoring a sense of balance & stability to your everyday life. Feel revitalized & rejuvenated as your energy centres are cleared & balanced through personalized energetic healings.

Clarity & Insight:

You can gain invaluable insights into life's challenges & uncertainties.

Empowering you with the clarity needed to make informed decisions

& develop an unshakable sense of trust within yourself.

Empowerment & Manifestation:

Cosmic Channeling sessions can empower you by providing you with tools & guidance to take charge of your spiritual growth & personal development journey, while helping you align with your desires energetically & making your manifestations much more effective.


Enhanced Intuition:

You can strengthen your intuitive abilities, allowing you to navigate life with heightened wisdom, sensitivity & clarity.

Connecting to your Spirit Team:

You can experience a tangible connection with divine energies assigned to your spirit guide team. Fostering a sense of guidance, unconditional love & support on your path.

Elevated Relationships:

Receiving energetic & spiritual healings through Cosmic Channeling can

positively influence your relationships by providing you with an increased sense of compassion & understanding.

Inspiration & Creativity:

Cosmic Channeling sessions can unlock new levels of inspiration & creativity, by allowing you to connect to your truest form of authentic self-expression.


in Brisbane, QLD

Cosmic Channeling

(In-Person Session)

$210 AUD


Cosmic Channeling

(Remote Session)

 Virtual via Zoom

$190 AUD

What clients are saying about their experience...

Want To Know More?


Booking your Session:

In - Person sessions are held at the 'Self Love Lounge' in Brisbane, Australia &
Remote/Virtual sessions are conducted worldwide via Zoom. Both methods can be booked online via the 'Book Now' buttons above.

Session times are 60 mins & personalized to your individual needs, at the time of your session. 

Which means, that no two sessions are ever the same! 


During your session:

Sarié & I will connect to you & your spirit team to receive guidance, access healings created specifically for you & allow you the opportunity to ask any questions you would like.

Throughout this process, clients report feelings of unconditional love, relaxation, support,

trauma release & clarity.

Some sessions may include - Release of energetic blocks, quantum healings & co-creative conversations between you & your spirit team to best assist you throughout your journey.


After your session:

All sessions are audio recorded for your convenience & will be emailed to you within 24 hours after your session.

(If you have not received your audio within 24 hours, please check your junk/spam folder)

If you experience any energy activations or healings throughout your session, it is recommended to maintain your hydration in the following 24 hours after the session, to assist with the continued release of any residual stagnant energy from your system. However, you can return to your normal daily activities directly after the session. 

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