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Meet the woman behind the magic...

Elle Embers


Hello! I'm Elle


And my story starts out in Brisbane, Australia. Where even from an early age, I always looked at the world through a different type of lens.

You see, I was blessed with potent Psychic & Mediumship abilities from the age of 4, that seemed like much more of a burden than a blessing at the time & this often left me feeling fearful of rejection by my peers for being 'weird'.

For years, this fear held me captive, stifling my potential to really harness these gifts & be proud & accepting of who I really was & what I could do.

Yet, in the wake of the heart wrenching loss of a loved one at the age of 12, the universe amplified these gifts to a monumental scale & it was becoming increasingly harder to keep my true self, my abilities, hidden in the shadows. And, as I tried to navigate my teenage years, I fought to bury my abilities, to stifle their calling but,

destiny had other plans...


In my mid-late twenties, I triumphed over repression, changed my perspective on fear & finally unleashed my true power, seizing control of my destiny. (YAY!)

My metamorphosis was fueled by a tapestry of different healing modalities, lessons in love, trust, forgiveness & the unearthing of my authentic self.

The power of self-trust surged through me, radiating a transformation that others couldn't ignore.

I finally understood what it meant to truly 'trust myself' & unintentionally, I became a beacon of healing & self-development for those around me, assisting them to mend their personal wounds, heal their trauma & started inspiring them to implement meaningful, positive changes in their lives through sharing my gifts & my story.

In that moment, I recognized my true purpose—

illuminating a path towards empowerment, purpose & boundless passion, to others who had been lost in the darkness.

Driven by this revelation, I embarked on a journey to harness my abilities. I delved into a labyrinth of spiritual practices & healing modalities, honing my skills to craft the perfect mix of offerings to support my clients on their own journeys.

With my guidance, they are now breaking free from the chains of self-doubt, casting off the weight of past trauma, discovering their potential power & embarking on a journey of self-reinvention. Together, we unravel the ordinary, to create a life that feels extraordinary.

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