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Elle Embers is a leading Soul Therapist, Energy Healer & host of the Cosmic Curiosities Podcast, with her mission to help souls reignite their spark & connect to their authentic self, she helps find balance in the world of physical, mental, emotional & energetic wellness.

Learn more about Elle & the work she does through these media appearances & collaborations. 

The Emergence Collaboration Book
2024 (more details to be announced)
Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor

Personal Development | Health & Wellness

Turns Out She's A Witch Podcast
Season 6 Ep. 1 - Soul Therapy & Past Lives
with Elle Embers


Timeless Spirituality Podcast
Ep.60 - Auntie Elle & Past Lives (with Elle Embers)

timeless spirituality, elle embers, daniel the past life regressionist, past life regression, podcast spirituality

Detox Podcast with Damien Lee
Ep. 1 - Elle Embers

damien lee, detox, detox podcast, spotify, elle embers

Hopeful & Wholesome Podcast
Ep. 130 Harnessing your spiritual gifts with Elle Embers

hopeful and wholesome elle embers

Allow me to claire-ify Podcast
Ep.19 - From skeptical to spiritual with Elle Embers

claire campagna, elle embers podcast, allow me to claire-ify

The Jeff Macolino Podcast
Ep. 127 - Elle Embers and Me

jeff macolino, elle embers podcast
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